About Josh

I have spent a lot of my life as a professional photographer, and honestly portrait photography is my passion. I’ve been behind the camera since I was around fifteen years old. My very first camera was a Polaroid Land Camera, and my very first subject was the beautiful girl next door. Every time she saw an image she liked she would tell me I was earning brownie points. Even though that came to an end with her moving away. My love for photography has never changed.  I bought every book I could on photography, and tried out lots of different types of cameras. They ranged all the way from SLR cameras that recorded to a CD to homemade cameras out of a cardboard box (Yeah, those didn’t turn out real well). After Mallory moved I started taking my camera places with me and photographing structures, buildings, rivers, birds, and really anything else I could, but it never really hit the spot. It wasn’t the same as photographing people. Then came the big boom of Model Mayhem, I was in Virginia at the time, and my guy friends would pick on me for wanting to take photos of the things we were doing. I.E. Jumping Bikes, Building Forts, Swimming at the Quarry. Model Mayhem allowed me to photograph and meet new people. Make new friends, and filled that itch I had for photographing people. I fell in love with it all over again. Then some things happened and life got really interesting really fast. My fiance at the time had a baby, I got married, joined the Army, left the Army, managed the front end of a Bloom store, managed at an auto parts store, went to school, and a few other things. Photography was kind of put on the back burner for a while. Now I am a full time FedEx delivery driver, and moonlight as a photographer. This website is all about becoming a full time photographer and then moonlighting as a FedEx driver.

Recently I have moved to both sides of the camera and those photos will be posted in the Blog section of this website. Fair warning there is nudity in the blog section both male and female. Remember, Embrace the Awesome!