So, What’s in a Portrait?

So what’s in a portrait? For me, it’s about the connections made, the time spent, the relationships built, and the experience gained. There is no other experience in the world that compares to pointing the camera at a person the first time. There is this rush that happens; a head full of things to think about and a job at hand.

There is a saying if you want to be a boudoir photographer you have to learn to fall in love with someones flaws and their beauty every time you point the camera at your subject! I find that to be the truest statement about photography. There are other saying, but this one is as close as it gets for me. If you find a person, and you feel unattracted by them then it will show in the images you create. Not only to you, but it will show in your final product, and your subject will not be happy about the final result. On the other end of the spectrum. If you find someone beautiful, attractive, or otherwise alluring then it will show in the images you create with them. So truly photography is learning to fall in and out of love with your subject over and over again, and gaining inspiration by their beauty and flaws to create something alluring, that you and your subject can be happy with!

Over the year I have made a lot of friends through photography, but I haven’t discussed the psychology of it with any one. Not even the muse that feeds the creative side of my soul. The fear of judgement would be the reason for that. Recently, I have life changing events happen, and I have decided that I am going to enjoy my life without the fear of judgement.

So, having said all of that, here are a few images of a person I photographed recently. She is absolutely awesome and showed up in a pinch when plans with someone else fell through!

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