Old Friends, and A Photo-shoot in The Making

Black and white image of a beautiful girl standing in the woods

So, I have had this friend for 15 plus years now, and she has been through a lot. I recently asked her if she wanted to do a shoot and she said yes. So, we started off our day by driving to her house to pick her up. We then went to get a quick bite to eat and reminisced about times we had, and people we have know and lost to life, drugs, incarceration, and a few other not so fortunate events. I remember how sweet and innocent she used to be, and how beautiful she was inside and out. This shoot was a testament to how people change, and how somewhere inside our innocence remains the same through all of life’s tribulations and trials. For just a few hours I had my old friend back, who was sweet and perfect. Here are some of the portraits we took. 🙂


  1. It really was a great day! I had fun with you guys and it was nice to reminisce about old times. I love the pictures, you truly are talented my friend!

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