A Little Unicorn Dust on The Beach

Silhouette of a Beautiful Girl on the Beach

So, it’s 4 am and it’s very cold outside. The second Monday of May and 40 degrees outside to be precise. You’re on the beach and you decide to take a quick dip in the ocean, and then the thought hits you, “Is this a good idea?” The answer is absolutely! The chill wakes up your body in a rush, and you quickly run to get a towel. Frantically you try to dry the cold water from your body. Success, you drop the towel, and enjoy the newly found warmth of the rising sun. The warmth embraces and heals your body from the shock of the frigged ocean. As you stand there enjoying the warmth of the sun you notice the most beautiful sunrise you have ever witnessed.

Such is the story of my beautiful friend Katie. I called her two days before we decided to take on this shoot came up with a game plan. I had no intent on her getting in the water because it was ice cold. The plan was a sunrise shoot on the beach. These are the results.

The name of the beautiful lady in these portraits has been changed in order to protect here from all the weirdos out there, and I’m very sure her and her new family would appreciate that. 😉

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